Urfi Javed’s bra-less video surfaced, the senses will fly away after seeing it

Entertainment : Urfi Javed is one such name that remains a topic of discussion on social media. Urfi Javed, who ruled the hearts of people due to his dress and impeccable style, once again remains in the discussion due to his dress. Urfi Javed has shared a new video on Instagram, this new fashion of hers will surprise you.

Urfi, who remains in the headlines for her fashion and styling, is also very active on social media. In her new fashion, Urfi Javed not only went topless but also appeared braless. His video went viral as soon as it surfaced on the internet. Urfi Javed’s fans were seen praising his fashion, and many times he had to be a victim of trolling.

In her new video, Urfi is seen covering her breasts with her hands without clothes. With roses in her hair, Urfi has wrapped her entire body with a green wire. Seeing this video of him, users are commenting in different ways. Some are saying that Ranveer should be behind Singh, then some are saying that he has a very dirty style.

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