Tech News: If this mistake is done on WhatsApp, then you may have to face legal action

Desk: WhatsApp is an instant messaging app which is the first choice of its users. This is the reason why this platform of meta is also conscious of its users. More than two billion users around the world are connected to this application. Today we are going to tell you that doing some activities can put you in a big problem. Actually WhatsApp forbids users to share multiple messages.

Audio video messages can also be sent along with text on WhatsApp. But there are also many restrictions. According to a report, you are prohibited from sharing adult content on WhatsApp. If you do this then you may have to face heavy losses. If you do this and if someone complains then your account can also be blocked. Also, you can get caught in the trap of legal action. Avoid sending such content.

Let us tell you that the sharing of any copyrighted content on WhatsApp is also prohibited. If you do this then it is possible that your account may also be blocked. Sharing copyrighted content of an original item to a group or to your friends may result in legal action. We advise you to avoid doing such activities.

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