Sunday Emotions Trollers on social media call me a prostitute: Husband fired, my events cancelled; Neha Singh Rathore will sing till her last breath

In words of Neha Singh Rathore…

I am ‘UP Mein Ka Ba’ fame Neha Singh Rathore, these days I am getting trolled on social media. Mother is in shock. Husband Himanshu has been fired from the job. All my events have been cancelled. I am very disturbed mentally. Blood pressure remains low.

People are taunting in the in-laws house. It is being said that there was a lot of pride in the daughter-in-law. Not even after 6 months, the police was called to the wedding house, reached the court. Don’t know what she will do next.

The way those people are after me, now even the worry of livelihood has started troubling me. They want Neha to be so compelled to quit singing, but I will not let that happen. Will have to leave Delhi if it is too much. I will return to the village. Will do farming, but will not stop singing.

When I sang Ka Ba for the first time in UP , I was trolled so much that I was shaken inside. People abused in such a way that I cannot tell. I had to block my family members on social media, because no parent would be able to tolerate that someone calls their sister-daughter a prostitute.

I got engaged at that time. The way I was being trolled, I was scared that my marriage might end. When I shared a photo with Himanshu, people started saying that she is marrying a buffalo. Its husband is a bull.

People even wrote that you have pimples on your face, look at your face… My mental condition became such that I started seeing my face in the mirror. Got into thinking that how will all these pimples be cured. Then I felt that these people are such that even if there is a world beauty, they will remove the shortcomings in her.

When the mother-in-law died in Covid, people started saying that she is a kulchhani. Mother-in-law ate before marriage. I got very stressed. Thankfully Himanshu and my father-in-law never noticed these things. Father-in-law always said that do whatever you feel is right.

Only I know how Neha Singh became Rathore. My story is very painful. Every fifth day some or the other problem arises in front of me. My parents never liked my singing and playing. Mother wanted me to become a teacher after doing B.Ed or do chulha-chowka.

I should get married to a government servant. Even today my father tells me to quit singing, we don’t want money, we want respect in the society, but I know that I am doing the right thing.

Born in Kaimur-Bhabhua, Bihar. Papa used to do a private job in Lucknow. Lived in the village with brother and sister and mother. Papa was straight, but mother used to differentiate between me and my brother. Grandma also used to put ghee in brother’s food and refused me. She used to say that you have to go to your in-laws house, do you want to fight in the arena here after eating ghee..? I felt very bad at that time.

After my early studies, I came to Kanpur from Bihar, because it used to take 6 years to graduate there. She was fast in reading and writing from the beginning. The teacher used to say that you will become a collector. I was fond of singing since childhood. Used to go to weddings with mother. There mother used to sing songs in Bhojpuri, I also used to accompany her.

It is about 2017. I had completed my graduation. Brother used to run Facebook. I used to visit Facebook with his same ID. One day I saw that people post wrong songs on social media and they rarely get likes.

I used to think that I sing better than this. People would like my songs more, but I didn’t have a phone. If she spoke to her brother, he would have refused. After this I started recording the song in uncle’s phone. One day on insistence I got my maternal uncle to get my Facebook account made.

It is a matter of 2018. Went to Kolkata at aunt’s place. When she was humming like this, aunt said, if you want to sing, then sing it properly. He got hooked and decided that now I will post my songs on Facebook. Slowly started posting songs one by one on Facebook.

Initially there were less likes. 300-400 people used to watch, but my efforts continued. One song I wrote was ‘Hamara prem ke nisani (marks) dikhai de, piya toilet banaya di…’. People liked it very much. This gave me courage.

Now all I needed was a phone. Told mother to get me mobile, but she thought I was asking for phone to talk to boys. She used to say that if you want to talk, then if you get married, then talk to your husband.

Once brother took a new phone. He used to keep his old phone like this, but would not give it to me. Even the family members were always keeping an eye on me. Even after all this, whenever I got hold of a phone, I used to upload one or the other song on Facebook.

It is a matter of 2019. I went to the book fair at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. Himanshu met a boy there at the book stall. He struck up a conversation and we shared our numbers with each other. Started talking to him on the phone.

One day he proposed, then I refused. When mother came to know that I was talking to a boy, she got my brother to break my phone. Brother abused Himanshu on the phone. Said very bad.

Himanshu calls my aunt’s daughter that Neha’s family has broken her phone. I will not talk to Neha, but she should get the phone. At least he could sing. Aunt’s daughter explained to brother that look give him the phone.

I was also stubborn to a number. I had decided that no matter what happens, I will not leave my work. One day I will buy many phones. Girls want to look beautiful by doing make-up, they have many wishes, but my wish was only for a phone.

During the Bihar assembly elections in 2020, I got Rs 1.5 lakh for singing from a media company. First of all I bought a phone. At that time I was so happy that I cannot tell. A few days later, I gifted an Apple phone to the same brother who had broken my mobile.

During the elections, I sang ‘Bihar Mein Ka Ba’, which brought me a lot of fame. In response to this song, the Bihar government also had to make a song. Everyone wanted to know who is that girl, whose song the government had to answer.

Although I got trolled a lot too. Some called me a broker and some called me an agent of RJD. I was hurled obscene abuses. Papa got very angry after trolling, he said if there is a song then sing traditional songs, not political satire, but where do I listen to him. I know I am doing the right thing.

After this, there was discord in the house regarding Himanshu. My mother said that I should marry only a government servant. The family members thought that Himanshu was trapping their daughter, making a fool of it.

Himanshu talked to my brother about my marriage, but the brother refused. Then our fathers talked to each other. Overall, Himanshu and I got married after discord and bickering.

After marriage everything was going well. Both of us were living our new life that again the screw got stuck. A few days ago, I wrote a song about the incident in Kanpur Dehat- Kaaba Season 2 in UP, the song went viral. On February 17, the police went to my in-laws’ house with a notice.

Since that day both the parents and in-laws are upset. When the health of the mother deteriorated, she had to be admitted to the hospital as well. She started saying that now you will go to jail. There people will bother you more.

The people of the house keep on calling continuously. They say stop singing. Don’t buy trouble I am also broken. I am mentally disturbed. Many times my health deteriorates, I was also in the hospital, but I tell my family members that everything is fine.

I am not the daughter of any MP or MLA, I will not sing, otherwise from where will I eat. Now even the husband does not have a job. All my programs that were already fixed were cancelled.

New bookings are also not coming. They want right here that I should stop singing after getting fed up, but it will not happen. Bhojpuri has given birth to me, I am indebted to the soil. I am from a poor family, I will fight for the poor till my last breath, I will write and sing too.

Neha Singh Rathore has shared all the things with Bhaskar reporter Manisha Bhalla…

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