Gorakhpur to Varanasi will reach in 50 minutes by sea plane – this will be the fare


Gorakhpur news:

With the announcement of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to run a sea plane from Gorakshanagri to Kashi, the churning of its possibilities has started. There is a preparation to land a sea plane in Ramgarhtal and the standards set for it, Ramgarhtal fully lives up to it. The length, width and depth of the talons are standard. Officials say that there will be no problem in landing the seaplane in Taal. A person may have to spend about five thousand rupees to cover a distance of 162 km between Gorakhpur to Varanasi. It will take around 40 to 50 minutes to cover this distance.

Gorakhpur to Varanasi will reach in 50 minutes by sea plane – this will be the fare

The report has already been prepared regarding the possibilities in Ramgarhtal

The central government has announced to run 100 seaplanes across the country. The first seaplane is being operated from Sabarmati Riverfront to Kevadiya (Statue of Unity) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. SpiceJet has been given the responsibility. Similarly, operation of sea plane between Gorakhpur to Varanasi has also been decided. Soon preparations can be started regarding this. In the sea plane being operated, 12 people can sit at a time. This seaplane of the ‘Ater 300’ class has been manufactured in Japan.

This is the standard for seaplane operation in Gorakhpur

An airport will have to be built in the water for the sea plane to take off and land. Its length should be about 1160 meters while the width should be 120 meters. The water depth in the airport area must be at least 1.8 metres. There will also be development on the edge of the city. Around 1.8 acres of land is required on the bank side. Here terminal etc. will be constructed. There should be a sufficient distance between the marked place and the airport for other activities taking place in the pool. The airport will be built in such a place

This is the condition of Ramgarhtal

All the standards set for seaplanes are being met in Ramgarhtal. Its spread from north to south is in 4.2 km. Similarly, from east to west, this pool is spread over 2.5 kilometers. The maximum depth of the pool in summer is 2.5 meters while during the rainy season the maximum depth is four meters. The aerial distance from the nearest airport is three kilometers.

The youths were delighted to see different types of boats in Ramgarh Tal

After the launch of water sports, the shade of Ramgarh Tal changed. The colorful boats made Ramgarh Tal even more grand. When the youth saw the different types of boats floating in the pool, they were stunned. Some enjoyed riding while some seemed to be happy just seeing it. There was only one thing on everyone’s tongue that all this is being possible only because of Yogi ji. When Jagran talked to some youths, he praised the Chief Minister very much.

These boats have reached Gorakhpur under water sports

Speed ​​Boat-3, Luxury Speed ​​Boat-, Banana Boat-2, Jet Ski-1, Motor Boat-2, Kayak-5, Roving-2, Paddle Boat-20, Shikara.

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