Five members of the same family died within a year due to mysterious disease in Gorakhpur


Gorakhpur. The family of a person who came to Gagaha’s Rawatpar about 15 years ago in search of livelihood became a victim of malnutrition. In the last one and a half years, five out of seven members of this family have died due to lack of treatment. The remaining two innocent children are fighting for the bread of June 2. His life is going on at the mercy of the people around him. 

Two brothers are left destitute, fighting for the bread of June 2

Hearing the story of this family, anyone’s heart will be blown away. Bawali, who came to Rawatpar from Sikriganj area with family in search of livelihood, hoped that his sad days would be cut short. Coming here, he started doing palladari. Took a lot of hard work. A room was also rented nearby. The family was being brought up well but wages were negligible during the Corona transition period. In such a situation, it became difficult to feed the family. At first the wife became weak and fell in the grip of disease. He died due to lack of proper treatment.

Parents, two brothers and one sister have died in about a year and a half

When the chain of misfortune started, it did not seem to stop. Shortly after the death of the mother, the elder son and sister also died. About two months ago, Bawali’s health also deteriorated and he also died. After this the remaining three brothers started fighting for life. The behavior of the father was good, so the landlord did not vacate the house. The children used to eat whatever the people around them gave. Of the remaining three children, the elder brother was about 12 years old, there are two more brothers younger than him.

malnourished family

Sushil Shahi, a resident of Rawatpar Square, who had known about them for the past few days, took up the responsibility of providing food at both the times. Of these three brothers, the condition of the elder brother was also very bad. He too could not be cured. It is believed that the child had become a victim of malnutrition. He also died in front of the eyes of both the younger brothers on Tuesday evening. Villagers are busy preparing for the last rites of the child.

The matter had also reached the responsible

Sushil says that the people of the village knew this family closely. Tried to help to the best of my ability. Efforts were made to convey this to the administration as well but there was no relief from there. Had the child been treated in time, his life could have been saved.

The remaining brothers also need a health test

The people of the village are also telling the need for health check-up of the two innocent brothers left in the family. All the members died in the same way. He says that the administration will have to pay attention to these children. They are also the real owners of the schemes.

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