Dance Meri Rani | norafatehi The TEASER Is OUT guys! , shared a bo*ld picture with Guru Randhawa


Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa: Recently, the news of Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa dating was in full swing. Now Nora Fatehi has shared her picture with Guru Randhawa.

Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa will back with dance meri rani: In 2020, Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa came together for the first time for a project. The song of both of them Nach Meri Rani was released and spoke to the heads of the people. This song made a lot of noise and seeing this song it became one of the most listened songs that year. Now once again this pair is going to have a blast together. After Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa Nach Meri Rani, now they are bringing Dance Meri Rani. Whose release date has now been announced.

Dance Meri Rani will make a big difference

Nora Fatehi has revealed her look by sharing a picture on her Instagram account and has told that soon she is bringing Dance Meri Rani with Guru Randhawa. She has informed that this song is going to be released on December 21.

In this picture, Guru Randhawa is in a very casual look, while Nora looks as attractive as ever. If you have forgotten my dance, you can listen to it here.

At the moment it has become clear that Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa are going to be seen in another video song. Recently, the news of dating of both was in full swing. Photos of both of them walking on the seashore in Goa were covered on social media. Seeing these viral pictures, it was being said in the media that both are in a relationship with each other and are celebrating holidays together in Goa. But as soon as Nora announced her upcoming project, it immediately became clear that at the moment both are only in a professional relationship. Talking about Nora, now not only video songs but Nora is also seen in films. She was well-liked in the recently released Bhuj.

Some other hot photos of Nora fatehi

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