Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh’s video went viral after Anjali Arora’s MMS, the actress cried bitterly

Akshara Singh Viral MMS :

Akshara Singh MMS: Recently an MMS of Bhojpuri cinema’s known actress Akshara Singh is going viral. Let us tell you that after Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh MMS went viral, there has been a catastrophe in the Bhojpuri industry. Let us tell you that a few months back, actress Anjali Arora MMS became Viral. The news of Anjali Arora’s MMS did not stop that the news of Akshara Singh’s MMS has started coming to the fore. After the recent video going viral, another video of Akshara Singh is going viral. In which the actress is seen crying bitterly. In the video, Akshara is in a bad condition and she is requesting people with folded hands not to defame us.

Ruckus after MMS leak 

Let us tell that a few months ago, the video of Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj went viral. After that the MMS of actress Anjali Arora was leaked. Recently, MMS of actress Akshara Singh has been leaked. Along with the news of MMS leak on social media, a crying video of Akshara Singh went viral. Regarding this viral video, it was said that Akshara is getting upset and crying after the MMS leak.

When the crying video of Akshara Singh went viral, the discussion of leaked MMS intensified everywhere. But the truth is that no private video of Akshara Singh has been leaked. According to the news of Zee News, Akshara’s crying video is 2 years old. The video of the actress has been shared on YouTube on a channel named Moz Music Bhojpuri. Sharing which it has been written that MMS video of Akshara Singh has gone viral. In the video, Akshara Singh is saying- ‘I have been disturbed. People who like me will like me forever. Then wherever I go and no matter what work I do. If you are a big name then do your work. Why are you roaming around with a fake mask on your face? Why is this filth only in the Bhojpuri industry? Everyone is after each other.

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