Basti News: Pregnant was beaten up in enmity, mother pleaded with SP for justice

Basti News

Kamalavati wife Ram Milan, a resident of Pelni of Basti -Sonha police station area, has written a letter to the Superintendent of Police on Friday, pleading for justice. In the given letter, Kamalavati has said that her married daughter Lakshmi had come to her maternal home in the marriage program, she is about 5 months pregnant. On 7th July, when she was going from home to the farm, at around 7.30 in the morning, the neighbor Ramlakhan son of the village, Ramlaut, Saraswati wife Ramlakhan started abusing her. When Lakshmi refused to abuse her, she was severely beaten up. 

During this, Lakshmi has suffered internal injuries and blood also started flowing. The incident was reported on 1090 and for ambulance on 108. Police reached the spot and admitted Laxmi to Community Health Center Bhanpur where she is undergoing treatment. Seeing the seriousness of the condition of Lakshmi from Bhanpur, she was admitted to the Women’s Hospital.

Kamalavati has said in the letter that Ramlakhan son Ramlaut, who beat and injured his daughter Lakshmi, Saraswati wife Ramlakhan is under the protection of light constable Vipin Kumar Singh. The constable has to come to Ram Lakhan’s house. The police has also made Kamalavati’s husband Ram Milan sit at the police station for no reason.

Due to this reason the case against the culprits could not even be registered. Kamalavati has registered a case against the culprits in this case and has appealed for arrest and protection of the life and property of her daughter Lakshmi and her unborn child.

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