Basti News : Accused arrested with illegal ganja

Basti- Thana Old Basti Police arrested Nirankar Tripathi son Chandrabhuvan Tripathi resident Gidhi police station Old Basti district Basti with 01 kg 150 grams of ganja from station road during checking on 08.07.2022 at around 22.15 hrs. The accused was sent to the court after registering the FIR No. 114/2022 Section 8/20 NDPS Act at the Old Basti police station.
In the police team that made the arrest, the station head, Old Basti, Alok Srivastava, district Basti, outpost in-charge, South Darwaza Jitendra Singh police station, Old Basti, District Basti, O.C. Ramanand Tiwari, C.P. Prashant Yadav, Old Basti, District Basti.

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