Anjali Arora broke her silence on her viral MMS, said- my too…

Anjali Arora Viral MMS :

Anjali Arora, Digital Content Creator and Lock Up fame has finally given her reaction to her leaked MMS. Anjali, whose allegedly leaked MMS is going viral on social media has left internet users and netizens divided. There is no confirmation that this is his original video. Kachha Badam fame Anjali was recently promoting her new music video, on the occasion, the journalists were asked about the same. Anjali refuses to discuss it, and moves to another question.

Anjali Arora

Anjali recently opened up on her dating rumors with Akash and said, “Aakash is special to me, and we have a strong bond. She definitely has a special place in my heart, but we are not engaged yet.”

On MMS, she said that he does not know what people are doing, why are people doing this by putting my name and photo. Those people have brought me to this point. He too has a family, I too have a family. She also watches my videos. Getting further emotional, she said that when I see all these things, I think why people are doing this.

Anjali Arora

She further said that why people are sharing these things in which I am not even me, people share useless things on YouTube for views. I have a family, a younger brother, who sees all this. Well you want to defame. But why like this? When there is no equality with someone, then people start defaming him.

Recently, She featured in the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa music video titled ‘Saiyan Din Mein Aana Re’, which was released on August 10, 2022. Which was filmed on the old-fashioned veteran star Vyjayanthi Mala in the 1951 classic Bahar.

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