Akshara Singh Viral Video: This video of Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh created havoc, users are commenting on the video

Bhojpuri Dance Video, Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh : Bhojpuri Industry is making a big splash in the country these days. Talking about Bhojpuri industry and not talking about top actress Akshara Singh, it cannot happen. Recently, a video of the actress is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which the actress is seen winning the hearts of the people.

ruckus in black dress

Recently, the actress has shared a video of her on Instagram account. Everyone is getting injured seeing this. In the video, the actress is seen in a black outfit and is hurling seeds on everyone with her expression. The actress is seen playing with tremendous eyes in this video and people are getting sweaty after seeing this. The song ‘Kangana Tera Ni’ is playing in the background of the video.

praise for the actress

People are getting injured after watching this video of Akshara. Sharing the video, the actress wrote in the caption- ‘I survived coz the inside me burned brighter than the fire around me’. Seeing this video of Akshara Singh, people are getting helpless. So far 31,997 likes have come on it. Also, users are commenting fiercely on the video. Commenting in one user wrote – ‘Beautiful’, while the other wrote – ‘Nice dress’.

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