Acid Attack: Friend became a monster, first raped and then escaped by throwing acid on the girl

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Mangalore News: Acid Attack: First the young man befriended and then raped her on the pretext of marriage. During this, the accused also made a pornographic video. After that he kept on forcing her to have sex. On which the girl complained to the police. The accused did not stop here either. He threw acid on the girl to get her out of the way. In which she got burnt.

Police started investigation without getting tahrir

A young woman resident of Mangalore Kotwali area was bringing medicines from a doctor in the town itself on Saturday evening. It is alleged that during this time Haider, a resident of the town, threw acid on him. In which some part of his hand got burnt. When he raised an alarm, the youth fled from there.

In the year 2020, Haider raped on the pretext of marriage

On getting information about the incident, his relatives also reached the spot. He provided treatment to the victim girl. On getting information about the case, the police also started investigation. The woman told the police that she was friends with Haider since 2015. In the year 2020, Haider raped her on the pretext of marriage.

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also made porn videos

During this, her obscene video was also made. After that he kept on building relationships. When he refused, he started threatening to make the video viral on internet media. Due to which he had filed a case against Haider in February 2023 in this matter.

Haider threw acid on the girl just to get her out of the way

The girl alleged that Haider threw acid on her just to get her out of the way. Inspector-in-charge Manoj Mainwal said that the police have sent the girl’s clothes for forensic examination. Police will take action on receiving Tahrir in this matter. The police is examining the CCTV cameras installed near the said spot to ascertain the veracity of the incident

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